Real Results from Body Renew Pulse

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Real Results from Body Renew Pulse:


Success Story: Kat Ludlam


Total Weight Lost: -14.8 lbs.

Pant Sizes Lost: -2

I used to run Track and Cross Country in high school and college. I gained weight as soon as I stopped running. Two years later, I was 30 pounds heavier. With this realization and a recent break up for motivation, I joined Body Renew. Whenever I felt bummed out about life, I’d go to the gym and participate in a BR Pulse class. Without fail, I always felt better afterward. I liked the feeling of accomplishing something.

Pretty soon I was participating in BR Pulse every morning! Working out frequently caused me to analyze what I was eating. I started adding lots of protein to my diet and eliminated non-nutritional foods. Weeks turned into months. Even before stepping on the scale, I noticed lots of changes in my body. All the differences were shocking! There was no longer a signature muffin top or flabby arms. I felt hard, toned and strong. BR Pulse changed my life and the way I see myself. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the anything!



Success Story: Jeremy Roberts


Total Weight Lost: -65 lbs.

Total Body Fat Lost: -29%

Pant Inches Lost: -10″

Life events motivated me to look in the mirror and truly analyze my numbers. I needed a plan to change the image in the reflection. It was a very difficult process of first. To make it more manageable, I started with one habit at a time. The first habit to fix was food consumption. Then I added cardio followed by weight sessions. It took 90 days of cardio sessions before I saw serious results.

The BR Pulse classes have been a critical factor in helping me maintain what I’ve accomplished. These classes are motivating, challenging and success-orientated. I love the atmosphere and the way everybody supports and pushes each other. It makes for a really fun environment! For me, it started with a mirror, some hard numbers and 30 days. Always challenge yourself!


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